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Welcome to the Moon & Me...

The Moon & Me is a guide to raise your awareness to your own connection to the moon. Its guided, channeled wisdom and insights enable you to better understand the effects of the moon pulling at you emotionally and mentally. As you experience this guidance you raise your self understanding, start connecting the dots and begin knowing why things are happening the way they are. This shifts your awareness to better serve you. The Moon & Me is the secret weapon to riding and enjoying the wave of life versus being hit by the wave. It is that insightful.

Membership Plans

  • Moon & Me Guidance

    Every month
    • Monthly Guidance New Moon from Vanda
    • Monthly Guidance Full Moon from Vanda
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Perfect to support your inner worQ & growth
    • New & Full Moon Channeled Report by Vanda to your email
    • Full-Length Video by Vanda (private link sent to your email)
    • Delivered to your door every month with a sacred tool(s)
    • Bonus Reading from Vanda on the Theme of the Month
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