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This book honors the power of a woman and a man, and the journey of understanding how to give back, to yourself and to others. It has a special gift of a prayer, and ends with a dedication and celebration of all
women. Each Essence (also known as a Ray of Light) is a block of pure vibration, of light. You will awaken as many Essences as you are ready to receive; you will receive them from where you are in your life. As you read each Essence, more of you shall unfold. As you reread them, even more of you shall unfold and awaken to your own divine essence of Who You Are.


To Be A Woman™ - 31 Powerful Essences Paperback

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  • “A nightstand keeper! This book gives empowerment back! It reminds the reader that she is valued and has the tools through the daily ‘essence’ exercise to shift her true nature into alignment where change can truly be realized. A beautiful tool for any woman who is starting or well into her journey of life.”

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